Time flies like an arrow and English flies like a “GiggleeBee”
 유지훈 (Danny)
“Rise and shine, Danny boy!” It was the voice that has haunted me every single morning for the past six months since I started my English lesson with GiggleBee. You wouldn’t know how terribly dreadful and vexing it was for me to hear that same voice that woke me up day after day, especially at dawn when the rest of world still falls into a deep sleep! Teacher, does it ring a bell? Haha. I want you to know the massive distress you’ve caused to me. Lol... On the other hand, don’t be frustrated. I did love the class as much as I hated waking up early morning. You did always freshen me up with state-of-art knowledge that helps me become a well-versed apprentice in English. I know that without your fervent guidance I wouldn’t be able to reach the point where I can confidently write this feedback for the classes we have had. KK^^ Come to think of it! I now recall the very first writing assignment you gave me. It was about the time, right? And we were talking about the time that runs so fast that people hardly notice what they’ve missed. The same question occurs to me at present after the six-month journey with GiggleBee. Have I strived hard enough to learn English or have I just nonsensically wasted my time? Well, I can say I did exert all my undying effort to hone my English skills and competency. Meanwhile, still, there are lots of things I need to stuff into my little brain cells. Probably, it will take forever though. Whatever the answer might turn out to be, it will be crystal clear once I will be fully exposed to the English speaking land, U.S. where I am going to study in a university this coming March. Thinking of leaving my beloved country makes me excited and at the same time scares the hell out of me! However, with the knowledge and courage you’ve given me throughout my lessons, I am highly confident that I can definitely deal with whatever hardship lying ahead of me there. Indeed every ounce of experience I had with you will be my very best souvenir I will bring to U.S. For the first and last time, I thank you, my dear teacher for being not only my best mentor but also my best friend. I will forever cherish the moment I studied with GiggleBee. And plus, I’m gonna miss your voice that perks me up everyday. ^^
2011-01-21 오후 10:20:04
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