My English class♥
 이은주 (dmswncjstk09)
Today, I had class. We have 40 minutes in class. we talk about day, feeling and about story. I like free talk, so my teacher and I use our time to free talk a lot. I enjoy my class and today I teach some imformation to her. When I teach her a something I feel tight, also proud of myself. So, I think this Gigglebee class can help me about lots of thing in my character. And then I think I get a really good teacher. I will do my best during my class♥
2011-01-19 오후 7:08:00
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Nessa Hey there Isabelle! Thanks for this feedback. ^^ I'm really glad that you're enjoying our classes. You're such a great student and a great person. I'm thankful that you became one of my students. You're very perky that's why there's never a dull moment with you. Just continue what you're doing and always strive hard. I know that you'll go a long way. I'll always be here to guide you as your teacher as well as your friend. ^_^
오후 4:39:34